Game Phone Case Tetris Mobile Shell TPU Phone Case for iPhone Game Cover

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Product Description:
The new iPhone case is not only a phone case, but also a gaming device.
There are many types of games, such as contra, super mario brothers, shooting games, etc. (36 models in total), looking for memories of your childhood.
Perfectly compatible with mobile phones and soft plastic and TPU materials to protect your phone.
Suitable for iPhone 6/6s, 6/6s plus, 7/7 plus, 8/8plus and iPhone X/XS/XR/XM. The product includes a mobile phone case.
lithium battery,

Product parameters:
Color box size: about 19.6*10.8*2CM/7.72*4.25*0.79in
Weight: about 130G
Applicable models Applicable to Apple 678 universal, 678p universal, x, xs universal, xm, xr
Material: TPU 
Installation instructions: direct installation, back cover all-inclusive protection
Product features: excellent hand feel + explosion-proof design + anti-drop
Function: can effectively prevent dust, scratches and damage

■ Class A: Tank Wars (4 categories, 99 types)

  ■ Class B: Racing game (2 lanes, 3 lanes and their mirrors, 4 categories, 99 types)

  ■ Class C: Memory Challenge (99 types)

  ■ Class D: Shooting game (shooting drop blocks, 99 types)

  ■ Class E: Frog crossing the river (99 types)

  ■ Class F: Playing the devil (2 categories, 99 types)

  ■ Class G: Shooting games (filling blocks, 99 types, each initial pattern is different)

  ■ Class H: Pairs of faces (looking for squares, comparing the same squares, 2 categories, 99 types)

  ■ Class I ~ Z: Tetris (stacked wood, 99 types per categories)

  ■ Startup screen display 9999 N 1